Iran Is One Month Away From Nuclear Break Out

by Micha Gefen

As the world is caught up with COVID-19 and America’s pull back from Afghanistan, Iran has moved close to nuclear break out.

With the Biden team still reeling from their failure in Afghanistan another foreign policy blunder is seemingly right around the corner. According to a NY Times report, Iran is within one of nuclear breakout. From then on out it is only a matter of will and a few months until they turn the nuclear material into a workable bomb.

President Biden and his handlers will have to try to figure out how they are going to handle a nuclear Iran while stopping Israel from bombing Iran.

Besides that the Saudis have been clear – if Iran gets nukes they will find a way to acquire some for themselves. The entire region and the world is on the edge of the abyss – that is of course if the Biden team can figure out how to stop the Iranians without starting a war.

It may take a miracle.

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