CNN Shamefully Defends President Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

by Phil Schneider

A success! America successfully withdrew it’s troops from a dangerous part of the world and left only a few billions worth of army material for a dangerous enemy! Is that really what CNN is hoping the American people will fall for? This is perhaps one of the most miserable attempts by CNN to try to reshape the minds of Americans through pure garbage reporting.

CNN has a long history of portraying Israel as the aggressor even when Hamas rains down thousands of missiles on Israel. CNN portrayed Hillary Clinton as a woman who had great poise and ability to connect with people all over the country. And most of all, it placed Joe Biden up on a pedestal of being the sweet old unifying Presidential candidate as he hid in his basement and ran away from any press questioning during the Presidential campaign.

CNN’s treatment of Donald Trump was never anything but disrespectful. But that could be justified as payback for the way Donald Trump publicly ridiculed them. But when CNN makes believe that a military debacle that occurred on live television in front of hundreds of millions of viewers was actually a success, they have made the choice to lose even more viewers. There is no way that anyone could look at the Taliban taking over all of the US taxpayer funded weapons and call that a success. The instability in an already problematic area has now gone up exponentially, and Biden and the Democrat-led White House has only themselves to blame for this. But CNN sees this as a victory.

Dr. Risch

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