The hate for Jews and Israel brings Israeli woman to tears

by Leah Rosenberg

This Israeli woman did not just find out that people hate the Jews and Israel. But nevertheless, it brought her to tears.

Hatred for Jews and Israel

Antisemitism is not something new. And this Israeli woman, Esti, knows that. But knowing it and seeing the hatred for Jews and Israel firsthand are two different things. And she saw firsthand how much people can actually hate. It broke her heart. It made her cry. No, she was not physically hurt by anyone here. But Esti could just not fathom how they can literally not want her to exist in the world.

Despite the fact that she knows they hate her so much, she still says she does not hate them. Jews do not teach and preach hate. And this Israeli woman is the perfect example of that.

Focusing on Life

Esti mentions something in the video so simple yet it explains everything. She says, “I wish them luck. Just to be focused on being alive…to love their children like we love our children.”

The Jewish people’s enemies do not focus on being alive and loving life. They focus on how to kill the Jews. They do not focus on love and teaching their children love. The enemies focus on how to hate the Jews and how to teach their children to hate as well. And that difference is what makes all the difference. If only the rest of the world understood that.

Arab Incitement
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