Miss Iraq rebukes Arabs who don’t support Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Miss Iraq, or Sarah Idan, continues to be more and more amazing. She is STILL not afraid to stand up, rebuke her own people, and defend Israel!

When Miss Iraq Got Publicity

Miss Iraq first got major publicity when her and Miss Israel posed together in a picture on social media. People went crazy. Some loved it. But sadly, many Arabs did not. They were horrified that she would take a picture with a Jew – with an Israeli! They were more than horrified – Sarah Idan’s life was in danger. But she still decided to speak up for Israel and for peace. She has even criticized Congresswoman Ilhan Omar!

It is not easy being considered a traitor and rebel amongst your own. But Idan knows that defending the truth is more important.

Message to Arab Countries

Sarah Idan talks about what it is like in Israel – from personal experience. She visited. She knows. Idan tells Arabs why they should support Israel. Everyone is free there. There is coexistence amongst all religions. People have freedom of speech. Israel is a democracy, despite what the world wants you to believe.

It would be much easier for Miss Iraq to ignore the truth and just live her life. But she chose a different path. We can and should all learn from her courage to stand up for what is right!

Judea and Samaria Building
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