Introducing Islamic Jihad – Iran’s army in Gaza

by Gavriel Dan

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Israel is fighting against the Islamic Jihad, Iran’s army in Gaza. Israel is not only fighting to defend itself, but they are on the front lines in the war against terrorism!

Islamic Jihad is Iran’s army in Gaza. Responsible for 100s of rockets having been fired on Israel just last week, Islamic Jihad has shown that it is prepared to fight on behalf of Iran, with the goal to destroy the only Jewish State. While Iran is a major financial backer of the Islamic Jihad, its financial backing is believed to also come from Syria. To this effect the Islamic Jihad Movement has sent “its gratitude to the brothers in Hezbollah, the Islamic resistance in South Lebanon. Particularly Hassan Nasrallah, for their stance and support, be it financial, military or moral support.”

Until recently the Islamic Jihad was led by Baha Abu al-Ata, but Israel successfully killed him while resided in his home. He was considered a seasoned terrorist who organized numerous attacks on Israeli civilians. While Hamas may be Israel’s biggest foe in the Gaza Strip, the Islamic Jihad poses a different challenge as it is a direct arm of the Iranian military and Ayatollahs. While Hamas and Islamic Jihad often times do not work together or see eye to eye in terms of specific tactics in fighting Israel, both has as an aim the destruction of Israel.

Motivation for Terror
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