What’s it like to be the only Jewish student on a college campus?

by Phil Schneider

Around 100 years ago, even in the United States, there were campuses that did not allow Jews in or that had major quotas on Jews. This was accepted as normal. But the world, especially the United States has moved on towards a stage of openness and rejection of racism. This is the positive side of liberalism that we should all embrace. This is at the core of the reason why groups such as the Jewish people and other groups are more inclined towards liberal attitudes on life.

The key to a meaningful Jewish life in today’s day and age is the deepening of the relationship between Israel and America. There are many aspects to life in the United States that are wonderful that stand alone from the connection to the State of Israel. However, the State of Israel offers a dimension of Jewish existence that is much more than meets the eye. It is actually the source of the deepest connection of the Jewish people to God. It is the natural place for any Jewish person to live. Why? Because God said so countless times in the Bible and the Talmud. Everything about the full Jewish life centers around the connection to Jerusalem. How? Every prayer every day, every time a Jewish person eats bread, and at every wedding, the Jewish custom is to yearn for Jerusalem. This is a major detail that is built-in to the DNA of every Jew via thousands of years of existence over the generations since the exile from the Promised Land began.

Many of the values of the United States go back to the Jewish heritage. But a full life of a young Jewish student will only be felt upon visiting the Holy Land. That is why so many of these students who come on a trip speak glowingly about their experiences. The above story is unique. But the key to this young man’s success is a Birthright trip to Israel.


Israel Memorial Day
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