The Hanukkah Video you will not be able to stop watching!

by Leah Rosenberg

Elliot Dvorin and the Key Tov Orchestra bring the spirit of Hannukah to Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago with this Hannukah video.  This is a performance that somehow manages to captivate in just a few minutes.  There is so much packed into it.

If you enjoy some good old Hannukah songs with some dance moves, then this is the right video for you.

Great Mix

The mix of Chanukah songs is as varied as the Jewish world.  From the classic dreidel song in Hebrew “Svivon sov sov sov” (Hannukah top – turn turn turn), to the Maccabeats jazzy “Candlelight”, and on to the Ladino “Ocho Kandelikas” (Eight Little Candles) by Flory Jagoda.  It’s as diverse and captivating as the universal Jewish community…

Come enjoy a little Hannukah spirit with this amazing cultural experience!  You even get to hear Elliot’s version of Adam Sandler’s Hannukah song.

Jewish Culture in the Exile

There is no one universal rule about Jewish culture outside of the State of Israel.  But music is perhaps the #1 unifier.  Usually one would have to visit the Land of Israel in order to experience the array of music in this one video.  But Elliot Devorin clearly has a strong grasp on every one of these popular songs that are part of the multi-cultural Hannukah celebrations all over the world.



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