Why America spends so much on Israel

by Phil Schneider

Why should the US continue to provide massive aid to Israel?  It used to be that Israel was on the frontlines in the Cold War.  But today, that is less of an issue.  So, then why is it so important for Israel to keep receiving American aid?

Win – Win

“Every dollar spent on Israel is a dollar in our own defense.”    This is a very important message from General Wald.  The reason to keep strong ties with Israel are many.  But the #1 reason why the US should continue the aid to Israel is because it is a win-win.  First off, Israel needs to spend all of the financial aid on companies in the United States.  But the main point is that Israel is indeed on the front-lines in the world-wide war against terror.

But another major issue is that the State of Israel does not just receive weapons from the United States.  Israel messes with these weapons and upgrades them.  But not only do they upgrade the weapons.  They test them in real-war situations in order to defend their lives – and the lives of people in the United States.  This is very important and saves the lives of US servicemen.

Moral Grounds

This is not just a “nice” reason.  The message that the US sends to all countries all over the world via US aid to Israel is that if a country chooses the path of democracy in a dangerous neighborhood, they will be rewarded.  This is like investing time to preserve one’s health in order to not have to take expensive medicines later.

To the extent that more democratic islands spring up around the world, the United States will have less rogue regimes like North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela to deal with.

This is all smart realpolitik – and good business.

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