Former Canadian PM said something about Jerusalem that everyone needs to hear

by Leah Rosenberg

Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a genuine friend of the State of Israel.  He is 100% against all efforts to marginalize or delegitimize Israel in any way.  Here he eloquently explains the central role that he sees Israel having in the present and the future.

Embassy Moves

But Harper did not move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem when he was Prime Minister.  Now that the US did it, he believes Canada should follow suit.  He thinks that the main issue behind the Arab-Israeli conflict is that so many of the people on the Arab side truly hope to destroy Israel.  As former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir stated, “You make peace with your enemies when they want to make peace with you, not when they want to destroy you.”

President Trump vs. Prime Minister Harper

President Trump made a bold move when he moved the US Embassy.  He wanted to remove the whole question of Jerusalem from the table.  In addition, President Trump punished the Iranian leadership with stiff financial penalties.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Harper has supported Israel with eloquent declarations of support.  Both are important, but what President Trump has done is much more important.

We need supporters in big places.  We miss Prime Minister Harper – especially now that we have Prime Minister Trudeau.

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