The gentiles are helping build up Israel. Here are their stories.

by Phil Schneider

What drives these gentiles to volunteer?  Is it religious zeal?  Are they true lovers of Zion?  Well, yes.  But it us much more than that.

In a small abandoned boarding school in Israel’s north, some gentile volunteers are doing something amazing.  This may seem like a small project, but it symbolizes so much more.  Look at the excitement in the eyes of the volunteers.  They are clearly driven by their connection to the Bible and an appreciation that the Jews are the indigenous people to the State of Israel.

Indigenous People

This is a new concept to reckon with for many people.  The Jewish people are the indigenous people to the Land of Israel.  Yes – that is a fact, and an important one.  They have a clear historical connection that goes back more than 4,000 years to the Holy Land.  They have customs that go back around 3,000 years to the Land.  There is no other people who have a genuine claim to the Land.  Certainly, nobody else can claim a link that goes back 2,000 years to this Land.  Hundreds of years, yes.  But nobody goes back anywhere close to the Jewish people to ancient times. The Jewish people are the epitome of what an ancient and indigenous culture are.

These volunteers understand that the return of Jewish people to the Chosen Land is indeed the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies.  It is clear that their religious fervor is genuine.  They really appreciate the Holiness of the Holy Land and work hard to revitalize the Land.  We thank them for their support and pray that we may all see a better world when one day swords are turned into plowshares and peace reigns in the world.


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