UK Conservative Party Leader Michael Gove Thrashes Corbyn Over Antisemitism

by Avi Abelow

UK Conservative Party Leader Michael Gove showed an “unshakable solidarity” with the UK Jewish community as he thrashed Corbyn over antisemitism.

As Michael Gove said himself at the recent Tory Conference:

“So lets us take action, right here, right now. Let a message come loud and clear from this hall of unshakable solidarity with the Jewish community.”

We want to say a clear and unequivocal thank you to Mr Gove for his stand against the blatant, and growing, antisemitism in the UK Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn.

Michael Gove’s thrashing of Jeremy Corbyn in one 30 second video clip

“Moscow-loving, Hamas-hugging, high-taxing, moderate-bashing, job-destroying, national anthem-avoiding, NATO-hating, class war-provoking, one-man museum of economic folly”

Thank you Indeed!

— Arsen Ostrovsky (@Ostrov_A) October 1, 2018

His Appreciation of Israel is Not New

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