The Gaza March is a Blood Libel Just Like Deir Yassin

by Avi Abelow

Hamas and the Western media are spreading fake news that there was a “massacre” on the Gaza border. 17 deaths from 30,000 violent protesters acting as cover for terrorist acts is not a massacre. Calling this a “massacre” is an antisemitic blood libel, with the full cooperation of the mass media. Just like the blood libel of Deir Yassin in the 1948 War of Independence.

Deir Yassin

Deir Yassin was an Arab village on the road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In the fight for Israel’s independence, Deir Yassin was a strategic hilltop for attacking Jews.  Villagers used to attack Jewish cars and transport vehicles on the road below. This made life extremely dangerous for Jews and strangled Jerusalem without food or supplies. In April 1948, the Jewish forces of Lehi and Etzel (Irgun or IZL) attacked the village. They succeeded in stopping the terror on the roads, so that food and supplies could reach Jerusalem.

As a result of the battle, the Arabs spread a blood libel that a massacre occurred. They embellished their lie that the Jewish fighters raped the Arab women as well.

In his book, Deir Yassin: The End of the Myth, Prof. Eliezer Tauber writes that “Hussein al-Khalidi, the Supreme Secretary of the Arab Committee in Jerusalem, then the senior political figure in Jerusalem, was wondering how to enlist the Arab world in a struggle in which the local Arabs didn’t have a chance [on their own]. He told his aide, Hassan Nusseibeh, that they must begin to engage in propaganda because they do not interest the Arab countries. ‘We have to tell Deir Yassin, not as it really happened, but to exaggerate it,’ he said.

“We know this from Hassan Nusseibeh himself, as he has said so in interviews. And then they started to say that 254 people were killed and raped, and the problem of rape is the one that scared the Palestinians more than the killings, giving the story worldwide circulation. As the Arabs say, the person who caused this catastrophe is Hussein al-Khalidi.”

The Nakba

The lie of the Deir Yassir massacre scared the local Arab population so much that hundreds of thousands ran away from their homes. Since Israel won the war, they then became refugees. These are the famous “Palestinian” refugees the Arab world likes to talk about today.

Ultimately, the Arabs became refugees because of the “massacre” blood libel of Deir Yassin. The whole refugee issue is the fault of the Arab leaders, not Israel.

The Gaza March

The Gaza protest could have been different.

The IDF’s Arabic spokesperson, Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee wrote on Twitter to Gaza residents that Hamas was taking advantage of them by sending them to the border where they are “putting themselves in danger.”

“Hamas is using you and distracting your attention from its responsibility to take care of you and govern the Gaza Strip. Hamas is sacrificing you to move forward with useless agendas and wasting millions instead of investing in your well-being,” wrote Adraee.

“Don’t let Hamas use you! Don’t put yourselves in danger for nothing. You deserve a better future than what Hamas has planned! You deserve more than a reality of violence, incitement and terrorism,” he added.

Yet, many protesters, some actually paid by Hamas, stormed the border fence – some acting violently – provoking the IDF to respond.

The Gaza march of return was not a massacre, it was a case of a sovereign country protecting her border from a violent population aiming to infiltrate.

Hypocrisy and Double Standard

Syrian leader Bashar Assad has murdered around four thousand palestinian Arabs over the past few years, yet there has been silence from the world. Just last month alone…

Turkish leader Erdogan recently attacked and massacred the peaceful Kurds and Christians in Afrin, Syria, yet the world has been silent.

Those two cases are two of many real massacres that have recently taken place around the world. However the media ignores them. And the United Nations never spent a second discussing, condemning or threatening a probe into either of them.

Yet, Israel killing 17 protestors in a violent terror protest is called a “massacre.”

That is an anti-semitic blood libel.


Israel is now threatening an escalation of response if Hamas continues these terror marches.

It could be that the end result of this Gaza march blood libel will be similar to the result of the Deir Yassin blood libel.

Read more about the possible negative effect of this blood libel on the “palestinian” Arabs.

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