The Magic of the Dates in the Jordan Valley

by Aaron

Jericho lies in the Jordan Valley of the Land of Israel. It is hot in Jericho almost all year round.
Today, there are more date trees there than in any other area of the Land of Israel.


Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob traversed the Land of Israel.  However, Jericho was not a major center during their lifetime.  The Jewish people moved down to Egypt from the famine, and that set the stage for the story of the deliverance of the Jewish people from Pharaoh and the Egyptians.  Following the passing of Moses, Joshua became the leader of the Jewish people.  Joshua was chosen by God and then appointed the next leader in the lifetime of Moses.

Joshua had enormous shoes to fill and a monumental task – to bring the Jews into the Land of Israel.  He did exactly that.  The Jewish people crossed the Jordan river right above the Dead Sea – opposite Jericho.

Once the Jews entered the Land of Israel, the first city the Jewish people conquered was Jericho.  The main weapon used was none other than a shofar (a ram’s horn).  Basically, God brought the walls tumbling down and the Jewish people took over the first city in the Land of Israel – down in the valley.

What is fascinating is that this was considered a major conquest.  But, in actuality, all they had achieved was the equivalent of a  beachhead.  However, there are spiritual elements in addition to aspects of war planning when referring to the Land of Israel.

Jericho is called the”key” to the Land of Israel.

Today, Jewish farmers have brought the area back to life with thousands of palm trees bearing tons of dates.

The Land of Israel is indeed coming back to life.





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