Gaza Terror March was a HUGE Failure and it Will Boomerang in Israel’s Favor

by Avi Abelow

There was no massacre on the Gaza border. However, the Gaza terror displayed, in what has been publicized as a “peaceful” march, will have a boomerang effect. The “palestinian” Arabs have just buried the two-state solution even further into the ground. They maybe even have begun a much greater suicidal process.

The first march on March 30th ended with 17 deaths from 30,000 violent protesters acting as cover for terrorist acts is not a massacre. Calling this a “massacre” is an antisemitic blood libel, with the full cooperation of the mass media. Yet the world media has reported it as a massacre.

The second march on April 6th, hiding behind 10,000 burning tires, ended in 9 deaths from tens of thousands of protestors acting as cover for terrorist acts. Another futile pr stunt that was not a massacre.

Read more about an Arab lie that boomeranged and brought upon themselves a catastrophe. 

Once again Hamas and the anti-Israel world are claiming victory over Israel. They are proud that their Gaza march PR stunt is making Israel look bad.

Well, the media won’t tell you this but the Gaza march was a huge success, for Israel!!!

The Arabs have basically just shown Israelis that even when Israel expels Jews from Gaza, removes all IDF presence and creates a border with a fence, Gaza terror continues.  They will still fight us and try to cross that border to uproot us from our homes. All to achieve the stated goal of Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority PLO, to destroy Israel.

What Really is Going On

Basically, Israelis have just been given a huge sign that even border fences won’t work with the “palestinians.”  First, they tried shooting rockets over the fence. But they failed to hurt us because Israel developed anti-rocket defense systems. Next, they tried to dig terror tunnels under the fence. That did not work for long either because we are destroying their terror tunnels. Now they respond with the only thing left to attack us, mass protest marches on the fence to storm into Israel. We have now shown that we will stop that as well, as any sovereign country would.

Israelis have just been given an even bigger sign that we can never give away any of our land for peace. It doesn’t bring peace, it only brings more terror upon us. Israelis have been reminded why we can never give away our land in Judea and Samaria, a.k.a. the “West Bank,” to our “palestinian” Arab enemies. They are a fake national identity created to destroy us, not have a state of their own.

The process of Israel liberating Gaza and expelling Hamas has begun

Now Israelis know that we will never have peace with Gaza. The only way we can live peacefully with the Arabs in Gaza is if we are back in control there as well! Israel will have to liberate Gaza from Hamas, expel all Hamas and terror operatives and allow those Arabs who want to live peacefully to remain. That is the ONLY solution to living peacefully with them.

I believe that this Gaza terror march is the first step to Israel once again returning to Gaza and Gush Katif!!!

Hamas thinks that they have been victorious with their public relations blood libel stunt of being “massacred” by Israel. Due to this “victory” they will continue with more blood libel marches to gain more PR victories. But those victories are pyrrhic, because they are only bringing their own destruction closer. The more “massacre” marches they do, the more Israel will escalate her response until we are forced to liberate Gaza from Hamas, expel all the terrorists and destroy the terror infrastructure. When that happens, the day of Israelis returning to live in Gaza will be closer than ever.

Once we are back there, all terrorists and families supporting terror will be gone and those Arabs lucky enough to stay will enjoy living under Israeli rule, enjoying life as only Muslims living under Israeli rule enjoy.

Hard to Imagine, but True

This might be hard to imagine right now, but this will happen!!!

Let those Gaza Arabs continue to march on the Gaza border fence, it will just bring Israel’s return to Gaza and Gush Katif that much closer!

The IDF is already threatening to escalate a response if they continue with these marches of terror.

How fitting that they launch this Gaza terror campaign on Passover. May this be the beginning of Jews waking up and redeeming ourselves from the lies of a fake people called “palestinians” and the fake narrative of “national rights” to our ancestral homeland!!!

There is only one truth, and the truth is that the Jews are the indigenous people of this land. The Muslims are the true colonialists and imperialists of the Middle East. But that will have to be addressed another time…

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