The frightening reality 17 years after the 9/11 attacks

by Avi Abelow

The freedom loving world has still not learned the lessons of 9/11. Islamic terrorists killed more people this year than in the year 2001 with the 9/11 attack. The war against Islamist ideology was lost from the start.  President Bush, with all of his good intentions to protect America, publicly declared that “Islam is peace.”  He did this with two Muslim “advisers” behind him.  One of the advisers had Al-Qaeda connections, and the other had connections to the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR organization.

More than 33,000 Terror Attacks Since 9/11

The war against “terror” was doomed to failure from the beginning.  As long as the United States, first under President Bush and then Obama, never truly identified the enemy, they could not win. “Terror” is not an enemy that one can defeat.

At first they identified Osama Ben-Laden and Al-Qaeda as the enemies.  But they were only one offshoot of the Islamist ideology which is out to Islamicize the entire world. Killing Ben-Laden and Al-Qaeda did not bring the world any closer to being safe. Al-Qaeda morphed into ISIS. And today, with ISIS beaten, the Islamist ideology still spreads, with Muslim terror attacks all over the world.

Here and Abroad

As the interviewer says in the video above, “until we fight the Islamic Sharia supremacy ideology abroad, and within US borders, we will not win this war.”

The war is against an ideology within Islam that has hundreds of millions of followers. We need to truly internalize this in order to learn the lessons of 9/11.

The War Goes On

The Muslim jihadist enemies of the freedom-loving world are not ready to put down their weapons. They are more energized than ever to continue their path of terror in order for Islam to reign supreme.

Thankfully, the freedom-loving world now has President Donald Trump.  He placed together an administration that understands that the threat is within Islam. Yet, many government and intelligence officials still deny this truth.

We are at a much better place than before.  But still, we need to do so much in order to protect ourselves and the freedom we enjoy today.  The evils within Islam breed violence, terror and intolerance.

JUST RELEASED Riveting 9/11 Video with Final Phone Conversations

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