The Earthquake that Uncovered Hidden Findings on the Temple Mount

by Leah Rosenberg

So, who does the Temple Mount really belong to? These findings further prove the answer that we already know but the world won’t admit.

Findings on the Temple Mount

The Muslims want to claim that the Jewish people have no rights to the Temple Mount. They try to make the world believe that the Temple Mount is a holy Islamic site without any Jewish connection. And then this leads to Muslim control of the area and not allowing Jews to go whenever they want and pray. The problem is that the Muslims are lying. Over the decades and over the last century, many archaeological discoveries have proven that the Temple Mount, or Har HaBayit as the Jewish people call it, indeed belongs to the Jewish people. The Golden Dome was built ON TOP of what was the Temple. Findings from both the first and second Temple time periods have proven what came first.

The Muslims cannot cover up the truth forever. They keep trying and trying, but they don’t have history in Israel the way the people of Israel – the Jewish people – have. It is as simple as just knowing a historical fact: Islam did not even exist until the 7th century. King David declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel before Islam was even around to then try to spread its historical lies.

One day, the world will admit the truth. They try to cover it up now, but it is so obvious. There is no denying history and facts.

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