Dr. Oz Goes Off on Democrats for Politicizing Medicine and COVID-19

by Phil Schneider

There is no simple answer to the coronavirus pandemic. But many have made it a point to insist on the fact that there is one and only one answer – vaccination. One does not need to be an anti-vaxxer to see that this is a very problematic opinion. Many people who have been vaccinated multiple times do not accept that there is only one way to deal with the pandemic.

There are not just a few doctors running around saying that some therapeutics work. They may even be a silent majority of doctors. But one thing is clear – most doctors fear expressing their views on the matter as the use or non-use of anything but the vaccines to treat the pandemic has become totally politicized. This is indeed a tragic situation. If there is one field that we should all agree on that should not be politicized, it is the field of medicine.

So how did we get to the point where this pandemic became so politicized? There are a few answers. Yes, Donald Trump was a very polarizing figure in the Oval Office. So, anything he touched became a binary political issue. Either you loved him or hated him. The more balanced approach of agreeing with many of his policy positions yet disagreeing with his personality flaws and attitudes should have been the more prevailing concept. So, once President Trump began touting some therapeutics, they were tossed out as hoaxes by nearly 50% of the population. But that does not truly explain why to this day, more than a year after Donald Trump left the Oval Office, therapeutic drugs are still not spoken of as an alternative or even a supplement to vaccines.

The most reasonable answer is that their is big money behind the vaccines – really big money. There is no better godsend for Big Pharma than a worldwide pandemic that only they have the solution to. Dr. Mehmet Oz has decided to take his opinions to the people in running for the Senate. He has a good chance of winning – especially if he touts free choice and alternatives to the vaccine – for those who want that. The majority of people are interested in vaccine solutions. But the silent majority is interested in solutions that supplement or replace the vaccines.

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