The double standard that is destroying the Western World

by Leah Rosenberg

The Western World is slowly being destroyed. There is a double standard when attacks happen against certain religions. Listen up to these strong words.

The Western World

The Western World is losing its way. Take a look at what is happening in France. That is just an example of what is happening throughout the world. When any religion aside from Islam is targeted, the world does not seem to care as much. But when Muslims are targeted, there is anger, resentment, hatred, and more. People cry out and wonder how anyone can do such horrific acts. And it is true – no one should harm or murder innocent Muslims! But attacks against Jews and Christians deserve the same condemnation.

The Double Standard Must End

Enough of the double standard! Criminal acts must be condemned and punished. There are no free passes. So many governments around the world are afraid to criticize a Muslim. But just like if a Christian or Jew were to harm a Muslim and be punished, so too if a Muslim harms a Jew or Christian, he should be punished as well. Otherwise, Western World values are going to be completely erased. And where will that leave us?

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