SHOCKING! Hamas on campus wins NYU President’s Service Award

by Leah Rosenberg

Can you believe this? What kind of university has NYU become? How can a group that supports the murder of innocent Jewish civilians be awarded anything?

NYU Awards SJP

SJP stands for Students for Justice in Palestine. They are far from supporting ANY justice! In fact, they want Jewish men, women, and children to be murdered. They are Hamas on campus. SJP supports and glorifies terrorism. Somehow, this group was given the NYU President’s Service Award.

NYU is a top American University. Do they really want to praise a group that promotes terrorism? Because that is exactly what they are doing.

College Campuses Across America

It is tragic what has happened to college campuses across America. Antisemitism is taking over. Groups who claim to be pro-human rights are really just against the Jewish state for no reason aside from the fact that they hate Jews. And people fall for it. Students get sucked into believe that they are fighting for the “rights” of Palestinian Arabs when really they are fighting for the Jewish people and Israel to be destroyed.

College campuses have become an unsafe place to be a Jew and defend Israel. Will universities continue to allow such racism to permeate their schools?

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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