Six Democrats introduce Senate bill to restore humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority

by Uri Pilichowski

“President Trump’s refusal to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people is a strategic mistake, denying funding for clean water, health care and schools in the West Bank and Gaza won’t make us safer. Instead it only emboldens extremist groups like Hamas and pushes peace further out of reach.” Senator Feinstein said.

There isn’t one shred of evidence that supports Feinstein’s contention. The only thing we do know is that America has provided aid to the Palestinian Arabs for decades and for decades Israelis and Americans have been met with Palestinian terror.

I’m all in favor of restoring American aid, but it should be conditional on the following:

(1) Palestinians come to the negotiating table

(2) Palestinians stop paying terrorists from their evil martyr’s fund.

(3) Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

(4) Palestinians stop using their media to spread messages of hate.

(5) Palestinians redact their textbooks to take our messages of hate.

Arab Incitement
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