The disturbing truth about the ICC chief prosecutor

by Phil Schneider

The International Criminal Court is indeed a kangaroo court. The fact that the word “international” is used in it’s description does not make it in any way a real court. The ICC is a perfect example of selective indignation, wherein only if a Jew builds a house in East Jerusalem, then that makes it into a horrible crime. However, when Syria kills hundreds of thousands of it’s own civilians, the ICC says nothing. The fake claim that it can only speak about countries where it has jurisdiction is absolutely ludicrous. The ICC has no jurisdiction against the State of Israel and has no moral standing in the world.

Who does have moral standing in the world today to cast judgments on other countries? There is no simple answer to that. But the ICC certainly does not.

Israel has always been a beacon of freedom in the Middle East for the entire region. There has never been a time that we have seen this more clearly than in the last few years. One country after another is rushing to make peace with Israel in order to advance the economic growth of their country. The credit for this needs to go to the entrepreneurial norms in the State of Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu is the main political leader who has impacted on this norm. He understood back in the 1990’s that in order for Israel to achieve peace with it’s Arab neighbors, it first needed to outshine them economically. Then, they would fall like dominoes and walk into the negotiating room in order to share in the wealth. This is what has occurred in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. They care more about economic opportunity and less about the rights of the so-called “Palestinians.”

Because of Israel’s economic prowess, Arab countries are becoming more modernized and open-minded. This is leading to the advancement of women’s rights and the general opening of borders in these countries too. So, instead of criticizing Israel, Israel should be lauded for it’s record on human rights. Syria, Iraq and Iran are the countries who have deplorable records on human rights.

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