The difference between the West and its enemies lies right here

by Leah Rosenberg

The West and its enemies are vastly different. But the thing that stands out the most is this: Choosing life over death. Travis’ story will change you.

The West and Its Enemies

The West and its enemies will not be able to create peace if its enemies keep destroying over creating. But what will happen is that the West will continue to be strong. Because choosing life is everything. And Travis Mills, an injured US veteran, proves that we WILL win. They will never break us.

His story is heartbreaking. But it is also uplifting. The fact that a veteran who lost all his limbs was able to rebuild himself after feeling so broken shows the enemy we won. We WIN, in present tense. The destruction of our enemy will never overpower the fact that our values teach us to choose life.

Being Thankful for America

Another important lesson is what Travis said at the end of his inspiring story. He said, “I am fortunate to live in a nation where I can wake up in the morning with no arms and no legs, strap my legs on, throw my arm on, go in the elevator, and go out, and live life to the fullest. Take my wife and my daughter where we want to go.” Be thankful for America. Be thankful for what this democratic and free country has to offer. Travis is able to see that, despite fighting in wars against our enemies. Travis is able to see that despite his life nearly being destroyed to fight for his country.

But somehow, people who have never done anything but take from America are unable to see how great this country is. Somehow, some congresspeople and Americans are blind to the truth. But the thing is, if someone like Travis Mills can find reasons to be thankful, so can anyone else. And if they cannot, they are disrespecting everything that Travis has fought for.

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