Gaza Rocket Lands Right Next to Israeli Home. IDF Retaliates

by Avi Abelow

The IDF is right now retaliating for various terror attacks that have taken place during Shabbat, including the rocket attack last night from Gaza terrorists that miraculously missed an Israeli house in Sderot with a family inside.

Weekend Roundup

Thousands of Gazans rioted at the Hamas riots on the Gaza border. Two Gazans were killed during the riots.

On Friday night Hamas fired rockets into Israel. One landed right next to an Israeli home. You can see from the video how close the came to hitting an Israeli home and killing the residents. Thank G-d there were no injuries

The IDF retaliated against Hamas positions.

This morning an Israeli father (60) and his son (17) were stabbed by a Muslim Arab near the Arab village of Azon, after being asked if they were Jewish, and confirming they were. They were on their way to a dentist in that village. The father was lightly injured, but the son is in serious but stable condition with stab wounds to his back.

This afternoon, Hamas drone dropped an explosive device into Israel, damaging an IDF vehicle … The IDF retaliated by firing mortars at a Hamas position where the drones were sent from.

In addition, this afternoon, several Gazans infiltrated into southern Israel, sabotaged IDF equipments and returned safely into Gaza.

In the late afternoon, three young Gazans (13 year olds) infiltrated into Israel, the IDF arrested all 3, on their possession they were found to be carrying knives seemingly on their way to carry out a terror attack to stab innocent Israelis.

The IDF hit two Hamas positions with an Artillery strike, in response to the infiltration attempts this afternoon.

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