This terrorist news channel is destroying the minds of young Americans!

by Leah Rosenberg

Why are so many young Americans so misinformed about Israel? And America! There are many reasons, but this media platform is definitely responsible.

AJ+ is Corrupting Young Americans!

AJ+ is really Al Jazeera, a news station and media platform funded by Qatar. Yes, Qatar. In case you don’t know what Qatar is, it is a terrorist state. And this terrorist state funds terror organizations like Hamas, Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah. Didn’t put two and two together? AJ+ is a puppet of Qatar, targeting the minds of young Americans. They are poisoning them and corrupting them. And they make all of it seem like unbiased and informative news, which of course is far from the truth.

Social Media is Dangerous

Social media can be a wonderful technological advancement. But it can also be the most frightening. It is a dangerous thing. People fall for traps. Organizations like AJ+ use young and “cool” personalities to get people hooked. And then they use the rapid and viral effects of the internet to spreads lies; lies which are hard to combat if people don’t search for the truth. Media platforms like AJ+ turn Americans against America and Israel. Why? Well, because they are funded by radical Muslims. Al Jazeera, or AJ+ is just propaganda!

As Raheem Kassam asks in this video, “Why, you might ask, would the government of a Middle Eastern country care about influencing young Americans? The answer is this: Anything that weakens the US is a victory for them and their radical form of Islam. If they can convince young Americans that the US is bad place, young Americans are less likely to defend it and less likely to support its efforts to fight Islamic terror.” And moreover, it teaches them that America’s allies must also be bad; i.e. Israel.

Do you see the problem with AJ+?

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