The difference between the IDF and the US Marine Corps from a soldier who knows

by Leah Rosenberg

Being in the IDF is very different than being in the US Marine Corps. Listen to this soldier talk about his experiences in both.

The IDF vs. US Marine Corps

It is fascinating to hear all of this from someone who knows the IDF and the US Marine Corps firsthand. This soldier said something interesting about the IDF that people who have never been to Israel may not realize.

Soldiers are everywhere in Israel. Buses, restaurants, malls – you name it, you’ll see them there. Why? Because Israel is fighting for its very existence on its own soil as well as surrounding areas. Seeing soldiers around Israel is normal. It is part of the culture. It should make people realize even more how these IDF soldiers are just humans. They are people. Some are teenagers. Seeing soldiers around Israel puts faces to the heroes that defend the Jewish people, and it makes praying for their safety all the more meaningful.

There is a mandatory draft in Israel. The one serving in the army is your neighbor. He is your friend. She was your babysitter growing up. IDF soldiers are people we know and feel close to.

It is a difference experience being a soldier in Israel and being in the US Marine Corps. It is not so common to see American soldiers walking around the streets in America.

But one thing is for sure: Whether a person chose that path or it was mandatory, he is a hero. Fighting to defend freedom and democracy anywhere is courageous.

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