Being an IDF soldier isn’t a job, it’s life

by Leah Rosenberg

Being in the IDF is not a regular job. The IDF is not a regular army. Israelis are not regular people. Get a glimpse inside the life of an IDF soldier.

The Life of an IDF Soldier

Have you ever met an IDF soldier? They walk with pride, yet not with haughtiness. They walk with determination, yet they are not somber. They are truly spectacular.

In Israel, going to the army is a requirement. You might think that makes the soldiers bitter or rebel. But actually, the opposite is true. For an Israeli, defending his or her country is an honor. It is an act of courage. They are willing to do anything to defend their home and their land.

Of course there are challenges. There are moments of despair, anger, heartbreak. But those things just make what these soldiers do all the more special.

Being a Soldier for G-d’s Army

That is one of the main differences between the Israel Defense Forces and other armies. The IDF fights on their own land. They are fighting for their own home. They are fighting for mere survival. The Israeli men and women who enlist in the IDF are literally protecting their families and their homes. And when you are protecting your own, it gives you the strength to do the impossible.

Defending the Jewish people and the land of G-d is an honor. It is a holy task to defend the land of our forefathers.

It is truly more than just a job to be in the IDF; it is a way of life.

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