Hillel Neuer slams those who refuse to help stop COVID-19.

by Leah Rosenberg

Hillel Neuer stands up for justice and what’s right in the world. He doesn’t just defend one group or one idea. He defends all truth.

Holding Those Wrong Accountable

It seems obvious to share the truth. Except sadly, in today’s world, so many people won’t. And especially when it comes to China and the COVID-19 crisis. The mainstream media is afraid to step on China’s toes. They are nervous to harm relations with China. And so, these news outlets refuse to condemn China in the way they should. It seems a bit ludicrous – we are talking about life and death here. We are talking about a country responsible for ruining the lives of so many – whether physically, mentally, or financially. And there are those who are afraid to “harm relations” with a country like that?

But not Hillel Neuer.

Hillel Neuer slammed not only China, but also the others who are responsible for not helping stop this pandemic. Where has the UN been? And what about WHO, the World Health Organization? These institutions have fallen under the influence of China. The international world seems to be doing nothing.

Hillel Neuer Always Defends Truth

Of course, this is not the first time Neuer has defended the truth. That’s his job. He goes to the UN and calls out those who are wrong. He stands up for the truth when no one else will. He doesn’t only defend Israel, but he defends any country or group that is wrongly accused or forgotten about at the UN. People like him are much needed in today’s world. People like him are needed at the UN, and on the media outlets, and really, everywhere.

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