The Christian Arab Israeli soldier who is helping “Palestinians”

by Leah Rosenberg

A Christian Arab in the State of Israel is caught between a rock and a hard place in the State of Israel. They are minorities squared. The dominant religion in the State of Israel is the Jewish religion. But the minority religion in the State of Israel is not the Christian religion. It is the Islamic religion. The problem is that the Islamic religion is squarely against the Christian religion, yet the Muslim and Christian Arabs live very close to each other.

The unique position of a woman who grew up as a Christian Arab in Israel allows for a special sensitivity to the myriad religions that the State of Israel is made up of. She is a brave women, as she does not need to serve as as soldier. She is a volunteer. But she is a wise young women. She understands that there indeed is close to no politics in the Israeli Army. So, for someone who wants to give back to the State that has given her so much, she has made a smart choice to enlist and work with all of the populations in Israel.

Peace Treaty with Jordan

She is in the Civil Administration branch of the Army. That is the unit that helps with things such as border crossings from Israel to neighboring countries like Jordan. What very few people understand is that Israel has rather peaceful relations with Jordan. Every day, there are hundreds of people and cars that cross into Israel from Jordan and vice versa. Of course, her language skills help her do her job effectively.

Often, people speak about the Oslo accords that Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat agreed to. What they overlook is the peace treaty with Jordan. The Oslo accords have not brought peace to Israel. The Jordan peace treaty – so far – has proven to be a very positive agreement. Jordan has the largest border with the State of Israel, and a peaceful arrangement between the two countries allows Israel to focus more on their main enemies – Iran and it’s proxies.

There is indeed a role for Christian Arabs in Israel. Who knows – maybe one day they will be the minority that in some way mediates between the Jewish and Islamic majorities.


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