Marco Rubio reveals why Democrats won’t support pro-Israel legislation

by Leah Rosenberg

Marco Rubio tells the world something that they may or may not realize. And it is a big blow to the Democratic party. But sometimes, the truth hurts.

Marco Rubio Tells the Truth

Marco Rubio says something about the Democrats that they don’t want to admit. Why is it that they won’t support pro-Israel, anti BDS (Boycott, Divesting, and Sanctioning Israel) legislation? Israel is America’s ally. They should of course support such legislation!

But, if you take a look at what is happening in the Democratic party, it will give you a hint as to why they will not support the notion to support Israel. They have a newly elected congresswoman who hates Israel, Rashida Tlaib. She supports “Palestine,” meaning she supports the destruction of Israel and the building of a “Palestinian” state. And it is the same with Ilhan Omar, another congresswoman. And the Democrats do not want to offend their own. They are afraid of them.

What is America Becoming?

The BDS Movement is an anti-semitic movement whose goal is to end the Jewish state. The founder is a complete Jew and Israel hater. And the Democrats should not be blocking a pro-Israel bill that is against BDS. It seems that they just support BDS by not supporting the bill. What will become of the American government if Democrats cannot even stand up to their own and address the radical elements in their party?

The fact that such congresswomen who hate Israel and Jews were even elected to Congress is a frightening thought. Where is America headed?

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