International law officially recognizes Jewish people’s right to settle land of Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

People value what international law says. Except when it comes to Israel. Then, many pretend that it does not even exist!

International Law

What is international law? Well, according to the google translation, it is “a body of rules established by custom or treaty and recognized by nations as binding in their relations with one another.” So that means that international law is both recognized and binding.

But for some reason, regarding Israel, the world does not recognize international law and they do not consider it binding. What does international law say about Israel?

International Law on Israel

There is so much proof that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. But many people like to deny that proof. They will ignore the Bible. They will ignore history. And they will ignore archaeology. But what about international law? Well, they ignore that as well.

Some of the facts that are often ignored is that the entire establishment of the State of Israel is both ratified by two international bodies that represent the entire world. Both the San Remo resolution and the United Nations vote in 1947 are historic votes. There is no other young country that has as much of a proof – via international law – than the State of Israel. Most other young countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan, and Kuwait, were basically just created without any form of international agreement.

As shown in this video, there have been many binding cases of international law that point to a Jewish state in the land of Israel. Not just one case, but MANY! So, why does the world ignore it?

The Bias Against the Jewish State

There is a world bias against the Jewish state. The one and only Jewish state. They hold Israel to another standard. The international world does not abide by international law when it comes to Israel. It seems ironic, and it is. But it is true.

The antisemitism that exists in the world and the anti-Israel bias is definitely felt. It is so obvious. And when people ignore international law, it is even more blatant.

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