French sailor lost at sea rescued by the IDF

by Leah Rosenberg

Can you imagine being lost at sea with no way to communicate with the world? That is what happened to this French sailor. Until the IDF came to save him.

Lost at Sea

No one wants to be lost at sea. It is probably one of the most frightening feelings to lose control of your boat in a storm and lose communication to the outside world. Will anyone find you ever? How will anyone know you are lost? Well, that is what happened to Jean-François Colas. He definitely did not imagine what would happen next! The Israel Defense Forces came to the rescue.

But is that an unusual thing for the IDF to do? Actually, it is almost the norm.

The Real Israel

This is the real Israel. These are the people. This is what they do. Saving people’s lives when those people have lost all hope is not something unusual for Israel to do. They have done it many times before and will do it again. Israel does not discriminate against anyone. The world needs to know and see the true face of Israel. That is why it is so important for people to see this video and know what they did for the French sailor!

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