The biggest Ilhan Omar scandal yet proves she works for terrorists!

by Leah Rosenberg

Add another Ilhan Omar scandal to the books. But if this one also doesn’t worry you, does anything worry you? This is frightening!

The Latest Ilhan Omar Scandal

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, this should alarm every single American and person who cares about the future. Ilhan Omar is a puppet of Qatar in the American Congress. She does not work to serve the American people. She works for terrorists. Omar has fought for the release of terrorists from jails. This congresswoman has criticized America, Israel, and all Western values. Why is she still in Congress? Ilhan Omar collaborates with terrorists!

Why is America silent?

The mainstream American media ignores Ilhan Omar’s threat. Whether it be marrying her brother and immigration fraud or tax fraud, every Ilhan Omar scandal is brushed under the carpet. The international media even broadcasted this one though! If it was a Republican congressman or congresswoman, the media would destroy that government official. But somehow, Ilhan Omar gets a free pass? There are so many scandals. So much proof that she supports terrorism and is against America and its allies. Why do people ignore it? Why do so many not care?

It is extremely, extremely startling.

Dr. Risch

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