The biggest antisemite on social media just got destroyed

by Leah Rosenberg

If you have not heard one of Angelo John Gage’s rants before, this video says it all. He is by far one of the biggest antisemites social media has seen.

Using Social Media for Antisemitism

Social media should be used to spread love and positivity not to spread death threats and antisemitism. It should be used to share information and truth not lies and hate. Twitter and Facebook should not allow themselves to be platforms for far-right fascists to share how they want to murder Jews. It should not be a place for Neo-Nazis to praise Hitler. Why does this even need to be said?

And yet, social media has become a place for all of that. It has become a place for Angelo John Gage to falsely accuse the Jewish people and Israel of horrific things. He has gained a following and created a group whose goal is to take over America. He has made such horrific statements about the Jewish people that it makes you wonder why his accounts have not been shut down yet.

Yes, You are an Antisemite

What is so ironic is that Gage claims he is not an antisemite. He claims he is not a fascist. But he himself gives the proof that he is indeed an antisemitic fascist. With his own mouth he has shown it. With his own actions he has proved it. His videos say it all.

Gage himself has made videos to share with the public. It is not like he was caught with a secret video sharing secret plans or accidentally exposing his secret beliefs. His videos are available for all to see and listen to.

We are in 2020, and people like Gage are still spreading unspeakable hate on social media. We are in 2020, and it seems that many have not learned from the past.


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