Leftists Celebrate Killing of Trump Supporter

by Avi Abelow

Jay Bishop, May he Rest In Peace, was a patriotic Trump supporter killed by leftist antifa activists on the streets of Portland.

This is the reaction of the Portland antifa activists to his despicable killing.

This isn’t sick, this is a disaster, a sign of the disintegration of civil society. These people are celebrating killing an innocent person because they disagree with him ideologically. Modern Western society, with values, law and order is supposed to stop this kind of behavior. Yet, the radical left is destroying society, by teaching people to celebrate killing others over ideas.

And this is not the only place where we are seeing this.

Recently a 5 year old white boy in North Carolina was killed at point blank range by Darius Nathaniel Sessom, a black man, for the “crime” of riding his bike on Sessom’s property.

While mainstream media networks ignored the story, black lives matter activists found out about it and celebrated it!

Some of the comments posted on social media by black lives matter activists were despicable.

This is following the horrendous murder of 24 year old Jessica Doty Whitaker short dead in Indianapolis a few weeks ago for saying “all lives matter”.

There too, reactions on social media were an utter disgrace.

This is a huge problem. These leftist black lives matter and antifa activists support murder and celebrate killing innocent people.

And it all comes down to this evil, as expressed by a black lives matter leader in Kenosha, Wisconsin:

These groups are domestic terrorists infecting the minds of Americans. They must be stopped. Biden and Harris, who are silent about this evil, won’t stop it. Only President Trump will. So sad that too many people are blind to this reality.

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