Hezbollah Threatens While The UAE Makes Peace

by Micha Gefen

Shiite group Hezbollah continues to threaten Israel while the Abraham Accords between the UAE and Israel takes off.

While the official peace deal between the UAE and Israel has been lauded by the Western world, Iran and its allies have taken affront to the breakthrough accords.

No where can this be seen more clearly than to the North of Israel in Lebanon where Hezbollah has threatened to attack the Jewish State.

The connection here is obvious. As Iran’s regional hegemony continues to be under threat by Israel’s expanding circle of friends, it has no choice but to lash more and more.

The deal between Israel and UAE makes both countries far more stronger than they had been. Put aside military coordination and technology, both the UAE and Israel are now free to cooperate in areas of agriculture (which the UAE desperately needs) and medicine. Furthermore, the UAE can now become an alternate supplier of oil, which allows Israel to dump the increasing bellicose Turkey if they need to.

Expect the Iranian to continue to act out, especially the more Arab countries that line to sign peace deals with Israel.

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