America is under attack, and Trump isn’t allowed to stop it

by Phil Schneider

It is hard to understand, but it is harder for a President of the United States to take care of crime on the streets of cities in the United States than it is for the President to defend the country against outside threats. But it is a good thing that the President is not the monarch who can do whatever he likes on the streets of the country. It is good that Governors and Mayors have a lot of power too. Today, whether or not one views the Trump Presidency as a positive or negative thing, it is not at all the only thing that matters in terms of the cities of the United States. The elected Governors and Mayors are extremely important too.

This November, the elections that matter are all of the gubernatorial and mayoral elections too. New York, Chicago, and other cities are already suffering greatly. If the same kind of mayors like DeBlasio or Lightfoot continue to be elected all over the United States, then the great cities will indeed fall apart one after the other.

If indeed, these kinds of mayors are reelected, it will not matter how effective the President is. The cities will be lost, and the stock market will indeed crash. The ideal law and order President may very well not be Donald Trump. But, Trump is correct in noting that without law and order, the country will see riots that make what is going on now look like child’s play. The radical left, not the left, is the most dangerous thing in the United States today. Even if one decides to vote Biden in November, the decision to continue to vote in Democratic Mayors and Governors who are weak on crime will bring down the Cities and States of the United States. America is indeed under threat.

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