Linda Sarsour lies about Israel in the name of the Democratic party

by Phil Schneider

Linda Sarsour was invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Listen to her. She will do anything that she can to “take out” any pro-Israel Democrat out. If you are a Democratic-leaning person or know people who are pro-Israel liberals, they do not belong in the Democratic party anymore. Why? Because for now, the Democratic party is going over the deep-end.

Congress will no longer have 4 radical Congresswomen. In the next election, there will be 5-10 members in Congress who will smear the Dershowitz’s and the Elliot Engels of the world as being horrible because of one reason – they are pro-Israel.

Welcome to the new movement of the radical left becoming the normative opinion of the Democratic party. There is indeed a strong anti-semitic movement in the Democratic party, and they work with the Black Lives Matter rioters and the other anarchists in order to rip apart the United States of America. These are people who are opposed to the very existence of the State of Israel and they don’t hide it. The Democratic party cannot afford to marginalize this radical group as they are no longer a fringe. The BDS movement is no longer a radical fringe – it is fast becoming the norm. In the name of human rights, these radicals only see Israel as the human rights violator. Arabs who bomb Israel are not violating any human rights – just expressing their rights to have their own opinions and to battle against oppression. If you think that breaking the windows of Starbucks and bombing Israeli towns is a valid form of “expression,” then vote Democrat. Otherwise, stay home, or vote Republican. This is no time to vote Democrat in the USA. Perhaps trends will change in the future, but not in the election of 2020.

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