The Battle for Israel – The Untold Story of the Israeli Arab Terror Against Neighboring Jews 

by Phil Schneider

Lod is a medium size lower-class city that is on the southeastern outskirts of Tel-Aviv. Israel’s central international airport, Ben-Gurion, is no more than 10 minutes away from the city of Lod. It is a mixed Jewish-Arab city. It has not often been considered a powder keg of a city, but a city with intra-Arab violence that would occasionally spill over into the Jewish neighborhoods. But overall, it is a city that was not known as being a hotbed of violence between Arabs and Jews – until recently.

What makes this documentary so shocking is how Israeli police left the Jewish citizens to fend for themselves against raging Arab mobs. The fault for everything that occurred rests one hundred percent with the Israeli police who stood back and did not confront the Arab mobs.

It is difficult to understand that on the one hand, the State of Israel is so wonderful while it builds and grows at a rapid rate, while on the other hand, the Arab fifth column within Israel works to destroy everything that is good in the State of Israel. Yes, the good is greater than the bad. But, part of creating a stronger and better Israel includes getting rid of all that is rotten and evil in the State of Israel. Arab terrorism in Israel is not just a cancer that is growing. It is supported by many countries – especially the EU – all over the world. The pogroms and terror within Israel must be battled, and when Israeli police decide to stand down and let the wild animals – yes, animals – run wild, the job of defending Jewish lives moves on to the residents.

As to the argument that the issue of Arabs fighting against Jews is based on Israel’s “occupation,” the story of the pogrom in Lod proves once again, that Arabs in Israel who fight against Israel do not care about Land. They care about killing Jews, wherever the Jews live – because most Arabs take their religion seriously. The so-called “religion of peace” that the majority of Arabs in Israel observe is a rabidly anti-Semitic filled religion that believes that violence is justified. The nationalism of Arabs is not land-based but religion-based. It is driven by a mixture of extreme jealousy and hatred of the Jewish people in the State of Israel.

Israel must not strive for peace with a fake “Palestinian” nation. It must strive to separate out the violent killers from the more moderate Arabs. Those Arabs who strive to destroy the State of Israel must be imprisoned and/or incentivized to leave the State of Israel. Those who want to live in peace must be protected by the police. But, nobody should fool themselves into thinking that setting up yet another terrorist state within the State of Israel will do anything but terrorize the State of Israel. That is what the kicking out of 10,000 Jews in Gush Katif (the Gaza Strip) accomplished, and that is what would happen to any further attempt to give away Jewish Land to a fake Arab nation.

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