Did Biden Admin Just Throw Israel Under the Bus at Regional Mid-East Summit?

by Avi Abelow

This is not the first time someone in the Biden admin did not stand with Israel. And sadly, it probably won’t be the last, either.

Biden Admin Throws Israel Under Bus at Negev Summit

In the guise of developing a regional alliance against Iran, the Biden admin set up this summit to try to push forward with its agenda to divide Jerusalem and force the establishment of a state of Palestine, even though the Palestinian Authority has been an unwilling peace partner since its establishment, supporting terror against Israeli since the day it was created.

The whole brilliance of the Abraham Accords by former Prime Minister Netanyahu together with former US President Trump was that it highlighted the fact the whole fake cause called “Palestine” was a side issue, with no connection to advancing normalization agreements between Israel and the Arab Muslim world. Biden is now trying to destroy that accomplishment of Netanyahu and Trump.

But did he? Did they succeed in that agenda or did Israel, together with the Middle East Foreign Ministers push Secretary Blinken on the dangers of the Iran deal?

Publicly, it looks like each country at the summit seemed to have come with a different purpose, following the agenda of the Biden administration for the creation of a failed state called Palestine”, with Israel being the only one focused on Iran. Is that also what was discussed in the backrooms? Or in the backrooms, away from the cameras, did they push Secretary Blinken on the terrible Iran deal that the Biden administration is working on?

Iran is not only a threat to Israel, it is a threat to the whole Sunni Muslim world and the whole freedom-loving world. All the representatives at the summit should have focused on the dangers of Iran.

Publicly, however, once again, it became all about Israel and the “Palestinians.”

What a shame. Was this a missed opportunity? Or maybe not?

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