The Biochemist Who Helped Create a State for the Jewish People

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish people were longing for a homeland for thousands of years. And this man helped bring them home.

A State for the Jewish People

There were people throughout history who helped the Jewish people. Some were Jewish themselves and some were not. Chaim Weizmann was one of those Zionistic Jews who dedicated his time and energy to creating a modern Jewish state for his people.

Weizmann cared for his people and his homeland. He used his skills for them. The Jewish nation must be thankful that G-d put people throughout history to do everything possible to help save them and help them.

History is important. When people don’t know history, they can be swayed into believing false narratives and lies. And that is often what happens with Israel and the “Palestinians.” Many in the world think that Jews stole land from these so-called “Palestinian” people. But if only people knew a little bit of history, they would know that this is far from the truth. The state of Israel did not just come about in 1948 out of nowhere. Even the years and decades leading up to that moment were just a small part of the long, long history of the Jews.

Facts are facts. History is history. More people need to learn it and defend it. Because it truly matters. It makes or breaks what happens and what people believe. Yes, some people will demonize Israel and the Jews no matter what they know about history. But there are those who just don’t know. And maybe some things would be different if they indeed did know a little more about history.

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