WATCH: Blinken Compares Jewish Pioneers To Terrorists

by Micha Gefen

Horrific statement that blames us “settlers”, while totally ignoring our enemies terror, even the recent horrifying terror attack in Beer Sheva by an Israeli Arab Muslim!

The Biden Administration just can’t help themselves. Instead of just taking a moment and standing with Israel, Secretary of State Antony Blinken decided to equate “settlers” with Islamic terrorists.

“Today, we also discussed ways to foster a peaceful Passover, Ramadan and Easter across Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, particularly in Jerusalem, a city of such profound importance to Jews, to Christians, to Muslims. And that means working to prevent actions on all sides that could raise tensions, including *settlement expansion, settler violence*, incitement to violence, demolitions, payments to individuals convicted of terrorism, evictions of families from homes they’ve lived in for decades. It’s a message that I’ll be underscoring in all of my meetings on this trip.”

Blinken’s statement is beyond shocking. It shows just how dangerous this US administration is.

Watch the following video in connection to this article:

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