Terrorists Planned to Use Shocking Amount of Stolen IDF Ammunition in Recent Terror Attack

by Leah Rosenberg

This is not the first time IDF ammunition has been stolen. And it’s a terrifying issue that must be dealt with!

Terrorists Had Planned to Use Massive Amount of Guns and Ammo

In the most recent terror attack, the terrorists killed two border police officers. Every innocent life that is taken matters and is a tragedy. In this video, you can see the massive amount of guns and ammo that the terrorists were planning to use. All those bullets have Hebrew writing on them because they are stolen IDF property.

Israel has a huge problem with stolen IDF equipment, guns and ammo, that end up in the Arab sector. And you see what happens when it does end up in the wrong hands.

The brother of one of the terrorists in the recent attack in Hadera is an Israeli police officer.

Plenty of Arab Muslim Bedouins serve in the IDF. While many of them might be loyal, there are plenty who use their positions to steal IDF property. This is a major problem. This is something our leaders need to address and deal with!

The only way Israel will be able to move forward and protect the law-abiding Israeli Arab Muslims is by acknowledging the problem of the terror-supporting ones, finding them, indicting them, and stopping them.

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