Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Gives Insane Response When Asked to Define a Woman

by Phil Schneider

Is there a definition of a woman? Judge Jackson chose to take the fifth on this tough question and avoid the issue. Well, what about physical differences between men and women? Do these exist? Judge Jackson avoided that question too. She’s not a biologist. That is her clear answer. Well, that means that she is part of the craziness of progressive insanity.

Biological men and biological women are not a matter of opinion, despite what intelligent women like Judge Jackson may think. In truth, many people like her probably don’t really think that a man can choose to be a woman or vice versa. They simply believe that the rights of people should trump anything and everything – including facts of the universe.

That is the reason that absurd conclusions are reached such as the existence of the idea of a transgender person. This is a fiction that is not based on anything scientific. It is simply a matter of feelings overcoming unchanging facts – no matter how many times people use the fake word of being a “transgender.” Male swimmers masquerading as women is just one symptom of the insanity of this idea.

The anarchist and radical left want to destroy the idea of a traditional family unit. Their goal is to implement a global revolution at a very basic level, via attacking the basic building block of the world – the family. By creating confusion within society on something so basic as gender and what constitutes a family, people with views like Judge Jackson pose a major problem to American society.

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