The IDF’s Top 7 Most Creative Army Gear and Tactics

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s need to survive has caused the IDF’s creativity to flourish. They have to think differently. They have no choice.

Israel is a remarkable place. The things that the Jewish state has accomplished in such a short time are beyond words. And that includes things that the Israeli army has achieved. The Israel Defense Forces is one of the best armies in the world. They have to be. G-d wants the Jewish people to survive. So He has given the ability to the IDF to think outside the box; to create things to help the Jewish people survive. The IDF’s creativity has been cool, outstanding, and sometimes a little weird. Some of these tactics or gear might be a little more surprising and different than you ever could imagine. But again, in order to survive, Israel and its fighters must be innovative. They must think in an unusual way.

The top 7 most creative IDF gear and tactics are:

7. The Mitznefet
6. Tactical Llamas
5. Soda Bottles
4. Tzefa Shirion
3. Davikda
2. Krav Maga
1. Skunk

Some of these tactics are so different that you wonder how they worked. But G-d made miracles. G-d allowed these out-of-the-box techniques to help Israel out.

The world loves to spread lies about Israel. They love to claim Israel is an oppressive state. But the truth is, the tiny sliver of land is just trying to survive. The people in it just want to live peacefully. And if they are going to be threatened, they have no other choice but to defend themselves in any way possible – with as much creativity as possible.

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