Terrorists Firebomb Jews In Jerusalem As Their Supporters Sit In Knesset

by David Mark

With all of the panic sweeping the world over COVID-19 and the public in Israel watching the cases rise (albeit slower than other countries), Arab terrorists have not slowed up their unrelenting attacks on Jews in seam-line communities in Jerusalem.

The Jewish community in Kfar Shiloach (known in the West as Silwan) reestablished with the help of Ateret Cohanim, has always lived under threat. Representing the return of the decimated Jewish Yemenite Village that was there over 80 years ago (until it was destroyed in the Arab riots of the 1920s and 1930s), their determination has enabled the current community to grow to 22 families.

While firebombs and rock throwing is nothing new to the community, the surprising escalation while the world shakes under the threat of COVID-19 is surprising. Now would be a time to turn to one another in peace.

Perhaps even more surreal is the fact is that the Arab Nationalist leaders known for their backing of terror activities as well as martyrdom are now in charge of dealing with payments to victims of terror.


How can this be? How can known supporters of terror who don’t believe in the Jewish nation’s right to have self determination in their homeland be given the ability to run such a meaningful Knesset committee?

This is due to the Deep State party known as Blue and White, who is led by a group of angry ex-generals hell bent on unseating Prime Minister Netanyahu. By breaking their vow to their voters that they would not work with the Joint List, they have not only stolen votes, but enabled chaos to reign in the Knesset and in many ways broken anything that remained of sane secular Zionism.

While they have no real chance to form a government due to a few dissenting voices in their party to their move, they are shunning political norms and white washing terror supporters, which has long term effects.

It is true that Kfar Shiloach would have had its fair share of attacks with or without Blue and White’s post-Zionist maneuver, but now that the very people who verbally support this sort of behavior are moving into positions of power, firebombs and rocks attacks will increase far more. And why should anyone expect anything different. After all, three ex-generals and one media personality has given them the stamp of approval. Remember, they have done this not for the good of Israel, but rather due to an obsession to unseat the Prime Minister at all costs – even taking down Israel.

Col. Kemp

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