Israeli Arab Terror Supporters Celebrate in the Face of Families of Terror Victims

by Avi Abelow

The man putting up the “v” signal in the face of families of terror victims is an Israeli Arab politician who might now become the head of one of Israel’s parliament committees! It is an absolute disgrace and moral blight on the leaders of the Blue & White party, led by three ex-generals and Yair Lapid, who have legitimized this Arab political party of terrorist supporters. The Israeli left smells blood, and they have no boundaries to accomplish their leftist agenda.

Israel-hater and ex-advisor to the arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat can be seen flashing the “v” victory sign in the face of families of terror victims who were protesting the Blue & White party making a deal with the Israel-hating Joint Arab list to recommend Benny Gantz, their leader, for Prime Minister. The Joint Arab list party feel victorious because they just made a deal with the Blue & White party as part of a political coup to try to topple sitting Prime Minister Netanyahu.

It is agonizing for many Israelis to accept that Gantz, Ya’alon and Ashkenazi – three former IDF Chiefs of Staff, willingly partnered with terrorist supporters, who want them to be indicted at the International Criminal Court in the Hague for war crimes, to topple Bibi! Many of their own voters are furious since they promised their voters that they would not make any such deal with that Israel-hating party.

They will pay big time. Israel will pay a price for this treasonous behavior, yes, treasonous. But they, these failed Chiefs of Staffs and Liberman, will pay a big price as well, after this circus is over.

Just to clarify, Gantz has not yet created a government, and he might not create a government at all, however, he made a deal with the devil to be given the right to create a government. This deal with the devil is unforgivable and many Israelis who even voted for that party are furious at this act they believe to be treasonous. The Israeli left that pushed for this treasonous pact has gone over the deep end, willing to make a deal with a party that supports the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state. But, they will lose in the end, BIG TIME! We will just have to suffer the consequences of their disastrous decisions.

The Deeper Lesson

What should we be thinking about as we witness the treasonous behavior of three former IDF Chief of Staffs making political deals with the Israel-hating Joint Arab list to topple Netanyahu? We should be thinking of how Hashem hardened Pharoah’s heart in the Exodus story, that we will be retelling and reliving shortly during the Passover holiday!

Why think about that? It was because G-d hardened Pharoah’s heart that in the end the ten plagues were brought down from the heavens to wake up the Jewish people and be prepared to go free as the people of G-d, and the Jewish people were then freed from slavery in a miraculous way that shapes all of humanity today!

So too with Gantz. After three elections that Gantz could’ve potentially made a deal with Netanyahu to have already become Prime Minister, instead, he listened to the horrendous advice of Yair Lapid, Ofer Shelach, Boogie Yaalon etc. and said no to every deal, leading him to make the treasonous deal with the Israel-hating Joint Arab list party. In the end, this stubbornness of his will bring about an even greater situation for Israel and the Jewish people. We will still have to pay a steep price first, but afterwards, we will be better positioned than ever to fulfill our destiny as a proud people living in our homeland. More and more Israelis are waking up to the duplicity, hypocrisy and self-hatred of the elite left pulling the strings, and they are digging the hole of their own downfall.

So, even with all the anger and disappointment of today’s despicable and horrifying reality of three ex-IDF Chief of Staffs, think positive, beyond the headlines. Think of G-d hardening Pharoah’s heart. We, the Jewish people are going in the right direction. Sometimes things have to happen to wake up more people for us to proceed in the right direction!

By the way, our Rabbis teach us that only 1/5th of the Jewish people left Egypt, the rest ignored the slavery, ignored the lessons of the plagues and ignored their own Jewish identity, and chose to stay and identify as Egyptians. Food for thought as you process the situation today as well and you witness which Jews are waking up and which are choosing to ignore it all and continue to side with our enemies.

My message to everyone is to look behind the headlines! An unbelievable process of good is happening that most Jews will ignore, as they did in Egypt. Smile, focus on what matters, hug your loved ones. We, who choose correctly, will come out of this crazy, upsetting and scary reality in a much, much better place.

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

Self-Hating Israeli Jews Congratulating the Leaders of the Joint-Arab List at the Same Protest

Col. Kemp

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