The Real Reason Why Coronavirus Is Deadly

by Phil Schneider

If we live our lives as usual, then we are making a decision to overcrowd hospitals in a matter of days. That leads to a collapse of medical service for our older population that will inevitably need enormous medical care over the next short while. She says it so well – if we just stay home and watch Netflix, it’s hard to feel like we are saving lives. But that is exactly the situation we are in now. Stay home and Save Lives!

The medical system in the United States and in Israel are both rather well equipped for all kinds of circumstances. But this situation is unique. It is a situation that requires – quadrupling or more – a rapid ramp-up of all of the equipment that is available in order to give basic care to the influx of patients. This is such a rare situation that it is hard for people to fathom. But, we are not hearing this from one angle. We are hearing this from nearly every governor of a major state and every head doctor of every medical facility.

We are not merely being asked to stay home in order to stay safe. We are being asked to stay home in order to slow down the inevitable spread. As far as the economic ramifications, President Trump seems driven to restart the economy even if it means that thousands more will die as a result. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that his ideas may actually lead to hundreds of thousands of people dying. Is economic ruin worth thousands of lives? These kinds of impossible questions are being dealt with now by the President and his advisers. The main question they are trying to gage is just how long term is the economic ruin. If they think they can restart things in a matter of a few months, then they will continue with the quarantine slow down of the health crisis and economic ruin. But if the President thinks that we will have a depression on our hands, he will choose to sacrifice thousands of lives in order to keep the economy going. Times are tough. May God help us.

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