Taliban Releases Video of House-to-House Executions in Kabul after US Leaves

by Leah Rosenberg

The Afghan people have been abandoned by the US. Imagine what the Taliban is doing all over the country. Terrifying!

What Blinken said, which just isn’t true…

Executions in Kabul

It just seems like it’s getting worse and worse. The US has left the Afghan people to defend themselves against the Taliban. And do you see what has happened? This is horrifying, and it’s terrible to think that this is only the beginning. The Biden administration is acting like the Taliban is a partner to negotiate with as oppose to a terror group. It is just so shocking. What was this administration thinking? What was their plan? Can they be that ignorant? That heartless? Apparently so.

Even the mainstream media networks like CNN and MSNBC have been disturbed by the Biden administration’s actions in Afghanistan. And once the media is even admitting that what this administration did is wrong, it must be really, really bad.

Can this situation be turned around at this point? Or is it too late?

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