Afghan Woman Gives it to President Biden for Abandoning Afghanistan

by Phil Schneider

Has Joe Biden destroyed Afghanistan? Is the world now in mortal danger? Well, yes, he has made a decision to walk away from Afghanistan and give in. But is the entire world now in moral danger because of the abandonment of Afghanistan? That depends. It depends on whether or not this is the beginning of a new policy of walking away from the world due to a loss of patience with the so-called “endless wars.”

The lessons of the Afghanistan walk-away or abandonment are many and will have far-reaching ripple effects. First off, the mismanagement of the image of the War in Afghanistan goes back to before Joe Biden took over in the Oval Office. President Trump’s lumping together all wars into one category of “endless wars” that we need to get out of was another example of careless language with negative consequences. If no Americans were killed in Afghanistan since 2014, that should not be termed an “endless war.” It is 100% good strategy to keep small numbers of effective peacekeeping forces in strategic locations around the world if they succeed in keeping radical Muslims or radical Communists at bay.

China is indeed a major threat that is creeping with every day more and more into southeast Asia. Now, they have a clear path to walk towards the Middle East. Radical Muslims will stop at nothing to terrorize infidels – anywhere they are able to attack. 9/11 taught us that the Atlantic Ocean is indeed a formidable border, but it is not insurmountable. Kabul is not as far away from the United States as it used to be. And now, we have supporters of radical regimes like this in Congress too.

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