Famous Jerusalem Sites You Didn’t Even Know Existed

by Leah Rosenberg

Some famous Jerusalem sites that you may have never been to. Until you can come to Jerusalem, we’re bringing Jerusalem to you!

Jerusalem Sites: From the Western Wall to the Aquarium

Jerusalem is diverse. Its history is diverse. Its people are diverse! What is so amazing is that it seems like there is something for everyone in Jerusalem. Some Jerusalem sites are filled with history, some with fun activities, some with both!

No video can do the City of Gold justice. After all, it is G-d’s holy city. It’s the capital of G-d’s holy land!

And what people don’t realize is that an undivided Jerusalem under the Jewish people’s control means a Jerusalem that is open to all. It means a Jerusalem where everyone is welcomed and accepted. The reason these sites can exist is because of the Jews and the Israeli government. If the “Palestinians” controlled Jerusalem, these places would not exist. Christians and Jews would not be allowed to pray at the Western Wall. People of different religions would not be able to come to G-d’s holy city if it was not under Jewish control. There would be no historical sites. Places of worship would be banned from everyone besides Muslims. Jerusalem is able to be what it is because of Israel, and the world needs to realize that!

So, thanks to Israel, these 7 Jerusalem sites exist. And MANY more!

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